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Managing Cash
Your Personal Wealth Manager can help you to manage your funds by offering you advice based on the dynamic wide array of deposit products the bank has.
Product Name Features
City Savings Delight City Bank Introduces "City Savings Delight" – a new premium savings account that gives you up to 8% interest on your savings. You can also maximize your profit with amazing privileges from CityMaxx American Express Card. Interest will be calculated on daily closing balance and credited to your account on a quarterly basis.

  • Earns daily interest
  • Earn 7% Cash Back on leading grocery stores across Bangladesh.
  • Earn 2% Cash Back on any purchase with your card.
  • Earn interest for upto 15 days even after you have spent your money.
City Onayash City Onayash is a unique kind of savings account which calculates interest on your daily balance and pays interest to you every month. It is a major departure from the conventional savings account available in the market. City Onayash does interest calculation on daily product basis. Not only that, while those conventional savings accounts only twice a year - in December and June - City Onayash pays interest on every month. Happiness at each month end!
  • 4% Interest rate
  • Withdraw and deposit cash as you wish - without at all having your monthly interest earning eligibility.
  • No hidden or undisclosed fees or charges or profit-cutting.
  • Interest forfeiture rules of a common conventional savings account do not apply here. So, stay tension-free-100%
  • Every month's interest earning goes into your account automatically.

*For more Information please click to the below link -
Fixed Deposit If you believe in long-term investments and wish to earn higher interests on your savings, NOW is the time to invest your money in our Fixed Deposit.
Type of Deposit Revised Interest Rate
3 (Three) months
Below Tk. 5.00 Crore 11.00
Tk. 5.00 Crore & above 12.00
6 (Six) months
Below Tk. 5.00 Crore 11.00
Tk. 5.00 Crore & above 12.00
1 (One) Year
02 (Two) Years 12.00
03 (Three) Years 10.00
01 (One) year Pre-paid Interest FDR 9.00
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