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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Citygem Priority Banking?
2. Where are the Citygem centers located?
3. Can I become a member if I live outside the Dhaka or Chittagong metropolitan area?
4. What is the 'Citygem Membership eligibility criteria'?
5. Do I need to visit Citygem centers for all my banking transactions?
6. Once I become a Citygem member, can I expect preferential treatment any of your regular branches?
7. Can my spouse avail the benefits of Citygem Priority Banking?
8. Do I need to keep the required minimum deposit in my account every day?
9. How is quarterly average balance calculated?
10. Are there any joining fees?
11. What happens if I fail to maintain the minimum balance?
12. Who is a Personal Wealth Manager?
13. Can I collect information from the call center rather than contacting my Wealth Manager?
14. How can I enjoy the privileges offered by Citygem priority banking at different merchants?
15. Do I need to book an appointment every time I want to avail the virtual office service?
16. Do I need to inform my wealth manager every time before availing any value added services?
17. Am I going to get higher interest rate for keeping higher amount of deposit or any special discounts on regular banking services?
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